• Design by J.D. Duis von Damm - Duis von Damm Itamaracá Living Space
    Your living space will be situated
    on ground level. Giving a comfortable
    area for six people. At the front near
    the entrance you will find a reception.
    To the rear you will find a more informal
    area situated next to the swimmingpool.
    Going past the swimming pool, you will
    find the kitchen seated for six.
  • Swimmingpool
    Your swimmingpool is situated in the heart
    of your house. It is conveniently situated
    within your living space, giving you
    ultimate privacy.
    Although being situated within your living
    space, it is still open to the deep blue
    sunny sky.
  • Suites
    Your sleeping quarters are situated within
    three suites, each with all amenities
    that you would expect to find for your
    personal use. The master suite is a spacious
    room, with amazing views over the Atlantic
    Ocean. A special feature is the bath, which
    is situated protruding over the swimmingpool
    in a glass box, giving the pleasure of
    a little sunshine while bathing.
  • Parking
    All homes have four parking spaces
    available for their private use. Two
    are situated at the rear indoors.
    Another two spaces at the front.
    Furthermore, there are the spaces
    for community use, totalling 35
    parking spaces.

Welcome To Repouso do Guerreiro

The time has come, to explore the legend of the singing stone. Everyone who hears the beautiful and poetic song of the stone, will open one’s heart instantly to divine truths and inner serenity. There is no more poetic love in this world, than the song of the stone, the sound of the air bristling the leaves of the plants, the winds that brings the sound of the Atlantic Ocean, the wind that brings the sweet perfume of the abundant blossom.

Repouso do Guerreiro.

Island houses for sale in condominium - Itamaracá - Pernambuco - Brazil

Allow yourself to indulge into becoming one with the legend of the singing stone within this unique project. Start a lifestyle that will allow you to return to nature within the maintained shared gardens of more than two hectares with only trees with the most breathtaking beauty. Or should you wish more seclusion, your house will give you your ultimate privacy.


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September 18, 2014

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Some services may change, including mentioned fees.

September 18, 2014


The designs have been finalized