About the Island and Duis von Damm Itamaracá

Itamaracá is a word that refers to the pre-colonial era of Brazil. In its original Tupi language it carries a profound meaning; the singing stone. This word gave its name to one of Brazil's fifteen capitaincies. Today, Itamaraca - once the headquarters of the captaincy - is famous for its perfect sandy beaches. Besides its beautiful beaches, it is said, together with Recife and Olinda, to have the largest carnaval parades in the world.

A recent survey has indicated, that the island is very rich in its species of birds. A list totaling of 184 recorded species makes it a paradise for bird lovers. Itamaracá has a great potential for spotting wonderful birds with magnificent colors. With large areas of preserved Mata Atlantica, as a haven for several species of birds, it is a magnificent site to explore. Totaling with close to 500 hectares of preserved forests and more than 1500 hectares of mangroves, several lakes, sandbanks, estuaries, beaches and ocean, the island is like an oasis of natural bliss rising up from the depths of the Atlantic. Besides the birds there are several species of mammals, that can be spotted in the forests, like the sloth and the common marmoset. The large variety of bees are also part of a culture in producing a rich honey, by traditional culture believed to possess medicinal values.

Besides all this natural bliss, numerous historical treasures are hidden among the forests. From its history, Itamaracá has an almost forgotten history of sugar production. Sugar has made the captaincy of Itamaraca one of the richest of Brazil. None the less, the island was divided into six sugar plantations, with each their own sugar mills. Time has taken its toll, and left these once rich structures to crumble into ruins, which are still around to explore.

Duis von Damm Itamaracá has found the opportunity to develop an unique project on this enchanting island, that respects its rich history and its amazing beauty. Our vision is born out of the legacy of the Dutch period of Itamaracá and Pernambuco. A period with a great reputation, a reputation which is still held high in the common thought of the local population. Our vision encompasses that of a great predecessor, to build high quality houses, set in large botanical style gardens in which we will incorporate local and regional plants and trees.

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September 18, 2014


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